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What is Lure Coursing, and

What is CHAMP all about?

Lure coursing is a performance event for sight hound breeds (purebred hunting dogs such as whippets and deerhounds, bred to chase things by sight rather than scent).  This sport simulates the natural experience of pursuing live game by allowing the dogs to chase plastic trash bags, “lures”, that are mechanically pulled across an open field, the “course”. At a lure coursing field trial competition, hounds of the same breed run in trios wearing yellow, pink, or blue blankets. They are judged on speed, agility, endurance, enthusiasm, and ability to follow the lure. 

Lure Equipment used at field trials

Photo by Nancy Roisum

In the USA, a hound may earn titles from the two national sanctioning organizations for lure coursing field trials; the American Sight hound Field Association (ASFA) and the American Kennel Club (AKC). Both organizations maintain statistics and annual national top twenty lists, to recognize the sport’s keenest competitors.

Founded in the spring of 1986, Coursing Hounds Association of the Mid-Potomac, Inc.  (CHAMP, Inc.) is proud to have provided many years of service devoted to sight hounds and the sport of lure coursing.  It is a diverse group of hard-working people having in common a love of their dogs and this unique sport.  While the club’s membership is unrestricted as to residence, its primary service area is the Alexandria-Richmond, Virginia corridor. Competitors at CHAMP’s events come from all over the USA and occasionally other countries, but mostly the mid-Atlantic region.  For membership information, contact one of the Officers of the club. 

We hold three or four weekends of field trials every year. They consist of an AKC weekend in late August, and two ASFA weekends, one in mid-November and one in early May.  We strive to hold our field trials on beautiful, spacious or historical sites such as Great Meadow in The Plains, Oatlands Plantation in Leesburg, and sometimes on the grounds of working farms or wineries.  Directions to Field Trial sites

Spectators are always welcome and watching the sport from the sidelines is FREE and very entertaining.  New folks to the sport may pickup an explanatory pamphlet at the officials’ table and are encouraged to ask questions.  We want to help new people and new dogs understand and enjoy the sport and get “hooked”.  To be placed on our mailing list for event notifications, contact one of the Officers of the club. 

"Whippet Kiss"  Photo by Nancy Roisum

A friendly whippet with some spectators

Our premier event is the CHAMP Cup Trial, held in early May, in which a special Best in Event competition at the end of Sunday’s trial pits the Bests of Breed from both Saturday and Sunday’s competitions with former Best in Event CHAMP cup winners.  View photos of past Champ Cup winners

CHAMP holds practices and educational events beneficial to lure coursing and encourages new participants both human and canine alike, to come out and learn about this exciting sport.

Lure Operator, Nancy Roisum, on the ladder

operating the lure for the dogs coursing

Official “stuff”:

CHAMP, Inc. is a Virginia not for profit corporation. 

Our insurance carrier is Sportsman’s Insurance Agency Plan, Inc. of Cape Vincent, NY. 

Our official club snack is Cheese Doodles....YUMM!


Some of the early founding members were:

Pete & Betty Smith

David & Carol Kelly

Lee Scanlan

Judy Montei

Mike & Gail McCoullough

James & Roberta S. Thompson

Judy Leary

Sue Morton Banks (DVM)

Dot Ammons

Ceil Schmutz

Milnes & Bunnie Austin

Sam & Leslie Guberman

Sue Fallon

Camille Mendicino